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Women Health » How to protect your health during menses/periods

Woman needs to know that their health needs are unique at the time of menstruation. Looking good and lively is the key to confidence during the time of periods. The discomfort of periods can be overcome by following few simple tips.

• Diet plays an important role during the time of menses. Consume lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grain. Reduce the intake of sugar, salt, fat and caffeine. This will help in controlling irritability, bloating and constipation.

• Calcium intake reduces the pain and improves mood swings. Take as much as fluid or water to relieve tiredness.

• Exercise aids in blood circulation to the pelvic region, and supplies oxygen. Exercise helps to reduce cramping and relieve tensions.

• Relax and stay calm. Women tend to get stressed up during menses; this can be overcome with a positive attitude. A warm bath releases tension and has proved to get rid of aches and bloating.

• Worrying about it worsens the situation. Stop thinking about it.

• Change pad/tampons regularly, this will help to reduce worries about staining, odor, hygiene etc.

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