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Though science and technologies have developed for a healthy and safe pregnancy, still there are few myths and tales that exist in this modern world. It is fun to sit around the period of pregnancy, guessing the gender of the baby, the weight of the baby, and many more things.  Though this may be fun, some myths may lead to depressions and fear to the mother. These type of myths suggested, must be avoided by the mother. Beware of using medicinal herbs or medications, other than doctor’s prescription.

Here are few common myths that we come across during pregnancy:

Myth 1: The shape and size of your stomach predicts baby’s gender

   Fact: The shape and size of the belly depends on muscle tone, uterine tone, and baby’s position inside the uterus. Only an ultrasound scan can give the right sex of the baby.

Myth 2: The glow and fullness of your face determines the gender of the baby

   Fact:  Usually the women glow during the second trimester. This is due to the fact that they come out of morning sickness; blood circulation improves and they starts to eat well.

Myth 3: Eating lots of ghee aids in normal delivery.

   Fact: Eating ghee does not help in lubricating the passage for a normal delivery. Eating healthy food, right exercise and positive mindset before the delivery is all that is needed.

Myth 4: Pregnant women must eat for two

   Fact: A pregnant woman must follow a well balanced, healthy nutritional diet. Women do not need to overeat. The baby will gain its weight as needed. Remember to take an extra 300 calories of healthy food daily.

Myth 5:  Pregnant women should not bath

   Fact: Pregnant women can take bath. Hot water bath must be avoided. A warm water bath can relieve stress, discomfort of swollen feet, increase the amniotic fluid and prevent premature contractions. Hence, it is said that swimming with caution is a good exercise during pregnancy.

Myth 6: Avoid sex during pregnancy

   Fact:  Sex during pregnancy is fine unless the doctor has specifically advised not to have sex due to any pregnancy complications.

Myth 7: Morning sickness happens only in the morning

   Fact: Morning sickness can happen at any part of day.

Myth 8: Delivery ways are always hereditary

   Fact: If your mother had a normal delivery does not mean that you will have a normal delivery too. The type of delivery depends on individual’s health condition and the position of baby.

Myth 9:
Avoid computer radiations and metal detector magnetic rays

   Fact:  There is no proof of any harm to the fetus.  

Myth 10: Heartburn means hairy baby

   Fact: Heartburn is due to estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for hair growth during the baby’s development stage.

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