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There are many myths that we hear when starting to breastfeed a baby for the first time. Here are few myths that are listed below with the truth.

Myth 1: Many women produce inadequate milk.

   Fact:  Mostly, women produce overabundance milk to feed the baby. Due to improper techniques of breastfeeding, the baby fails to get milk that is needed. This is why the baby gains weight slowly or may lose weight.

Myth 2: A lactating mother has to eat more to produce milk.

   Fact:  As long as the mother takes a well balanced diet, the amount of intake of food does not matter. The baby gets enough milk to be fed.

Myth 3: Breastfeeding needs to be stopped if mother has some infection.

   Fact:  The baby’s best protection will be mother’s continuous feeding. Even if the baby is infected, it might be less, if fed.

Myth 4:
Modern formulated milk powders are just as healthy as mother’s milk

   Fact:  There can be no replacement for a mother’s milk. Formulated milk has no antibodies, living cells, hormones and enzymes, which are present in mother’s milk.

Myth 5: Continuous nursing may cause postpartum depression in women.

   Fact:  Postpartum depression is due to hormonal fluctuations after birth.

Myth 6: Breastfeeding must be stopped at times when baby have diarrhea or vomiting.

   Fact:  The baby’s best treatment option for an infection is mother’s milk. Breast milk, is in fact, the only fluid that is needed in a dehydrated state after a diarrhea or vomiting.

Myth 7: It is normal to have pain at the breast area while breast feeding.

   Fact:  Though the mother experience slight discomfort and tenderness in first few days, it is only temporary. A pain may indicate poor latching or yeast infection on the nipples.

Myth 8: After a surgery, the mother should wait for recovery and then resume breastfeeding.

   Fact:  Breastfeeding can be done soon after the surgery, if she is able to. The medications do not interfere with the milk, except under special circumstances.

 Myth 9: Mother has to increase fluid intake when breastfeeding.

   Fact:  Mother can take fluids according to her requirement.

Myth 10: Breastfed babies need extra vitamin D and iron supplements.

   Fact:  Breast milk provides all the nutrients needed for the baby. Sufficient Vitamin D is stored in the baby’s body during the pregnancy term.

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