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Women Health » Pros and cons of contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills are nothing but birth control pills, taken to avoid pregnancy. They are also called as oral contraceptives. These pills are manufactured from synthetic hormones.


Effectiveness: Using birth control pills is the one of the best method to avoid or prevent pregnancy. It is more effective and has very less risk of failure.

Regulate menstrual cycle: These pills are prescribed to women who have irregular or heavy periods. These pills regulate menstrual cycle.

Relief from menstrual cramps: It is said that these pills give relief from cramping before and during a menstrual cycle. It is found to be an effective treatment for endometriosis.

Reduces risk of ovarian and uterus cancer: These contraceptive pills reduce the risk of developing ovarian cysts, ovarian and uterine cancer and other pelvic inflammatory diseases.

No interruption: These pills do not cause any discomfort during sexual activity, unlike condoms.


No STD protection: These pills will not give protection against STD(sexually transmitted disease). These pills can be used against conception, only if it is a monogamous relationship and the partner is free of STDs.

For healthy women only: These pills should be avoided by certain women with medical problems such as cardiovascular diseases, smokers, renal and hepatic dysfunction, breast cancer, uterine cancer etc. There might increase the risk of high blood pressure. The pills are not given for women above 35 years.

Needs prescription: Though these pills are sold as over the counter drug, it needs a prescription. It is advisable to use these pills under medical supervision.

Side effects: Since there is an alteration of hormones, these pills can cause side effects like mood swings, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased appetite, rarely blood clots.

Do not forget: These pills should to be taken at regular timings everyday. If a pill is missed, the chance of pregnancy increases. If forgotten, take the next pill on the next day at the usual time. It is better to seek a doctor or read the instructions before using the pill.

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