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Women Health » The Expression of Bindi or Tikka on Face

Bindi gives a wonderful look to your face. Bindi is the dot or sticker worn on the forehead to ornament the face. We may observe many bindi designs which looks good but when we use on our forehead it may not look good. The selection of bindi designs depends on face shape, Eye size, and the size of the fore head.

Large size bindis does not suite to heart shape face. A small dot or a small spot of kumkam is more suitable. 

Long bindis or the painted kumkam are more suitable for the oval shaped face.

Long bindis look good on round shaped face. This type of bindis gives your face a longer look. Round bindis, flat bottom triangles and diamond shapes is not suitable for this face type.

Bindi selection is some what tricky to the square face type. Butterfly shaped bindis and v shaped bindis are more suitable for this face type. Small bindis are not suitable.


Big, bold, bright bindis are more suitable for triangular face type. Be careful not to go overboard through. Spider shape, stair case type bindis will suit very well for this face type.
Right bindi according to your face type will enhance your appearance. We hope this will help you to choose or buy a perfect bindi.

These are the some shapes of the Bindis:

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