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Men and women have different body types and body needs that give rise to specific health concerns that are more bothersome in women than in men.

According to a report published in the United States, the following are the main risks to a women’s health:

Heart Diseases: 27.2% of women’s death worldwide is due to the heart disease. Of those women who have heart attacks, 42% die within the year.

Cancer: Cancer is responsible for 22% of women’s death worldwide. The leading cause of cancer deaths among women are lung (26%), breast (15%), and colorectal cancer (9%).

Stroke: Often thought as men disease, stroke kills more women than men each year. Stroke is responsible for 7.5% of the women deaths. Although women are less likely to suffer from stroke than men, they are more likely to be fatal once they occur.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases: Chronic lower respiratory disease refers to several respiratory illness that occur in the lower respiratory tract. And these diseases account for almost 5.2% of the women deaths worldwide. Of the several chronic lower respiratory diseases, COPD (Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease) are of higher concern for females. In recent years, more females have been dying of COPD than men.

Alzheimer’s Diseases: Several studies on Europe and Asian population have indicated that women are more prone to Alzheimer’s disease than men. This may be due to the low level of estrogen once the woman reaches menopause. Estrogen provides protection against memory loss. Alzheimer’s disease account for 3.9% of women’s death all over the world.

Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the condition in which bone becomes brittle and may break easily. They are one of the most important threats to a woman’s health. Women after menopause are more vulnerable to osteoporotic fractures due to the decreased level of estrogen and calcium in the body.

There are several other threats to women’s health like diabetes (Type 2), injuries, septicemia, kidney disease and depression. But the good news is that all these threats are preventable by consuming proper diets and taking proper care of the body.

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