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Old Age

Suggestions to remain happy in old age

Old age doesn’t necessary mean that you must not be active or that you must not take care of your fitness and looks. Remember if you feel younger you will look younger. Here are some suggestions to remain healthy in old age. 1. Don’t sit idle. Try to keep yourself occupied. 2. Exercise regularly. It is not necessary that you perform exercise like weight lifting or aerobics. Even a walking would be enough. This will keep you healthy and will maintain your activity level which otherwise will become less. 3. Everyone has hobbies that you might have like as a child. This is good time to pursue that. 4. If chewing and swallowing are difficult activities, which for some are, you can stick to juice and soft foods. 5. This is a time in your life when you need to take care of your health properly, frequently take salads, soups, small snacks, etc. 6. After 40 yrs calcium intake is very much necessary consult your physician regarding this. 7. Even at 40 and above age dress colorfully, this will make you cheerful. 8. Drink good amount of water. 9. A reduced intake of salt is recommended. 10. Reduce intake of fatty food and meat items. 11. Don’t shut down yourself from sexual life, enjoy it as it comes with your partner. 12. Reduce smoking, alcohol intake and instead take loot of fruit juices. 13. Go outing, and do not confine yourself to house. 14. If you feel any of the medications you are taking is not working for you or creating any unwanted side effects, speak to this about your doctor. 15. Don’t do excess activity, this may make you tiered. 16. Go have health check-up once in a year.

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