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Safe Period or Fertile Period Calculator

The following calculator has been developed for patients to understand their fertile days. This is for personal use only and can not be used as a tool for medical diagnosis or treatment. Safe Period is not a perfect contraception method, and taking medication or irregular periods may render this calculation inaccurate. Please use at your own risk.


1. Select the First day of last menstrual period
2. Enter the length of your shortest cycle and longest cycle in days
3. Choose if your periods are regular or irregular
4. Click on "Calculate Safe Period"
5. You will get estimates of fertile period and safe period.

If you have any questions related to this or your health condition please use the form to the right. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on how we can improve this and rest of our services - you can use the form to the right to provide the feedback also.

To use this questionnaire you will need Adobe Flash Player. It is available for free, and can be download at this link : Adobe Player Download

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