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Diarrhea is the passing of loose and watery stools. Diarrhea is most common and most dangerous in young children, especially if they are poorly nourished. Although we believe respiratory infections are slightly more significant than intestinal infections, respiratory and intestinal diseases are rarely the co-equal, primary health priorities. Diarrhoea is normally the greatest killer of children. Amoebic, bacterial and viral infections of the intestine are incredibly significant as child killers in India and Indonesia. It is found that many of the most severe nutritional problems were not being caused by an absolute food deficit. Especially in upper lower class and lower middle class families, death from starvation is most often caused by a predisposing acute diarrhoeal illness. Thus, even if the patient, usually a child, did not die quickly from dehydration, the diarrhoeal illness might cause a slower death from starvation.

The prevalence of intestinal pathogens in India and Indonesia appears similar. About 255 of all people harbor E.coli and about 155 are infected with E.histolytica. If these carriers had diarrhea once a year, these would be an annual prevalence of 40%.

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