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Trachoma is one of the oldest infectious diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea, producing photophobia, pain and lacrimation which dates back several thousand years and was first documented as early as pharaonic era in Egypt.

The disease is associated with poor socioeconomic conditions in general: with overcrowding, poor personal and environmental hygiene and, in particular, with very limited access to water and sanitation. Trachoma has been eliminated as a blinding disease from several previously hyperendemic countries and regions, both through significant improvement in the socioeconomic status of populations and through specific control efforts.

Today, the disease is found mainly in poor rural areas, including parts of central and South America, most African countries and some countries in the eastern Mediterranean. Trachoma is still endemic in several Asian countries.

International efforts to eliminate trachoma as a blinding disease is based on WHO developed strategy a combination of intervention known by the acronym “SAFE” which stands for

    S - Surgery for trichiasis (inturned eyelashes)

    A – Antibiotics

    F – Facial cleanliness

    E – Environmental improvement


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