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Diseases » Cluster Headache

Cluster head ache is a neurological disease, characterized by repetitive headaches that occur for weeks to months at a time, followed by periods of reduction. The cause of disease is unknown. It begins dramatically and remains quite unique over a period of time. It is one of the most painful type of head ache and occurs in cyclical patterns or clusters.  It exhibits a clustering of painful attacks over a period of time. The pain may last for about 5 minutes to one hour.

Types: There are two types,

• Episode cluster head ache (2-3 headaches daily for 2 months) - these occur daily once or more for a period of weeks followed by head ache free period lasting weeks. It has a pain-free interval which may last for few months.

• Chronic cluster head ache- this occurs daily and lasts for even period of years. Almost 10-15% of sufferers are of this type.

Episode cluster may change to chronic form or vice versa.

Cluster headaches are seen both in men and women and are frequent in men. These occur usually at the age of 20- 50.

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