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Prostate cancer affects the tissues of prostate.Which is present below the pelvis, contain gland cells that produce seminal fluid which protects and nourishes the sperm cells in semen.The cancer cells may spread from prostate to different parts of the body particulary to the bones and lymph nodes.It is most common form of cancer which is found more in men of age above 65, and fairly common in age between 50 - 65. It can also occur in men at an age below 50 also.

Types: The precursor to the prostate cancer is called as prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, it is also found in different locations with in the prostate.

 There are three types of prostate cancer include:

Adenocarcinoma - This is the most common form of prostate cancer (95%) which develops in epithelial cells of prostate.

Small cell carcinoma - This type of cancer forms at nerve cells and is made up of round cells.

Squamous cell carcinoma - This is non-grandular and very aggressive in nature.

Staging of cancer:

•  Stage 1- in this stage malignant cells are confined to prostate gland and are not spread to other parts like lymph nodes or other organs of the body.

•  Stage 2- in this stage abnormal growth of the cancer is increased over 5% but still confined to prostate gland.

•  Stage 3- in this stage malignant cells spreads to seminal vesicles.

•  Stage 4- in this stage pelvic tissue and lymph node are affected.

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