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Lung cancer is disease of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in tissues of lungs. While normal cells present in lung tissue reproduce and develop in healthy manner, abnormal cells reproduce rapidly and develop in an unhealthy manner and results in the formation of mass called as tumor and disrupts the lungs function. Tumors can cancerous (malignant) and non-cancerous (benign). Benign tumors do not spread along the body but malignant tumors spread along the body. Lung cancer is usually formed in the cells of lining of air passages.

Lung cancer is the most common killing disease of both men and women. It is estimated that every year 1.3 million people die all over the world. It affects the people of age 55 – 65 years.


There are mainly two types of lung cancer. They are,

Small cell lung cancer - it accounts for 20% of lung cancer. In this cells are small; they multiply quickly and form large tumors that can spread trough out the body. These tend to arise in larger airways.

Non Small cell lung cancer - it accounts for about 80% of lung cancer. It is further sub divided into following types:

  • Squamous Cell carcinoma - it accounts for about 25 % and this is the most common form. It starts from central nervous system and is formed at lining of bronchial tubes.

  • Adenocarcinoma - it accounts for about 45% and is seen more common in women. It is originated from peripheral lung tissue and is found in glands of lungs to produce mucous.

  • Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma - it is seen rarely and sub type of adenocarcinoma. It is found near lung’s air sacs.

  • Large cell undifferentiated Carcinoma - it is formed near the surface, outer edge of the lungs.


Stage 1 - cancer is localized within the lung and is not spread to any lymph nodes.

Stage 2 - cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes but is large in region of main bronchus.

Stage 3 - cancer is spread to tissues near the lungs.

Stage 4 - cancer is spread to another lobe of lung but not to any other part of the body.

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