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Diseases » Urinary Tract Infection In Adults

UTI (Urinary tract infection) is an infection that affects the urinary system which includes kidneys, bladder, urethra, and ureter. Urinary tract infection can be an infection of the bladder (cystitis) or an infection of the kidney (pyelonephritis).  Kidneys remove excess fluid and waste present in blood in the form of urine and keep stable salt balance and other substances in blood and produce a hormone which helps in the formation of red blood cells. Ureter is narrow tube that carries urine from kidney to bladder which is a sac like organ present in the lower abdomen. Urine is stored in bladder and goes out through urethra. The average adult passes about a quarter and half of urine each day and the amount of urine depends upon the foods and fluids a person consumes. The volume of urine formed at night is about a half that is formed during the day time.

UTI is the second most common infection of the body. It affects many million people every year and it is said that it accounts for 8.3 million doctor visits each year. It is seen in both men and women but especially women are prone to UTI’s than men.

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