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I have severe lowerback ache and calf muscle ache for the last 4-5 years. X-ray and the clinical test conducted by an ortho did not find any problem. I find it difficult to sit for long time. My job involves sitting for long hours. secondly, once I bend forward for sometime, I find it very painful to become upright. I have been smoking for the last 15 yrs. Average consumption per day is 3-4 cig. I have not taken any medication. I go for regular walk and I dont find it difficult to climb stairs etc. I find some relief when I do some stretching exercises. WHAT IS THE REMEDY PLEASE? .....More My mom suffering with severe headache of age 45.whenever she gets pain immediately vomitings starts.the scanning report shows no problem,she gone for eye check also but everything is fine, we are not finding whats the problem so please help us regarding this. .....More I am a 29 year old diabetic taking insulin two or sometime three times for the last 9 years, and married from the last three years. My husband is very co-operative and with a caring nature. I work from 10 to 8 at my shop. I used to take human mixtard insulin 70:30 but now I take humaline R and novaline L, I mean both are mixed (according to my doctor). I want to get pregnant, and I got report past three month blood test which is 10.3 and previous report was 11.6 which is bad. So how much figure do I need to get healthy baby and everything else is normal. I keep checking everytime but most of time my sugar getting down during midnight. I try to control my diabetes. So according to you for healthy child, what should I do? And how do I know that I am able to get pregnant and have healthy baby, please let me know is there any glucowatch has been discovered through which I can know my blood sugar everytime. .....More safaring from one side head ake .....More I am 25 years old. I have always been anaemic. I used to have stomach cramps and indigestion problems. My doctor thinks i might be bleeding from my stomach. is that possible? what could be the courses for it and if it is, is it curable? i am so worried about this all as i have read on the internet that indigestion can cause stomach and esophagus (sorry about the spelling) cancer. is it possible to get such diseases at this age? i am really worried and cant concerntrate on anything else at the moment.i am due for a gastroscopy in a few days time and i currently have cold and flu.they are going to give me sedatives (anasthetic)in order to do it, do you think my flu will affect this and if i should go ahead with the gastroscopy or should i change the date? please doctor, provide me as much information as you can. i m really really worried. .....More
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