Thyroid disorder

Thyroid disorder

Question (Posted on :  01 Jan 2009 )

hello sir my name is rakesh ghosh. my wife 26 yers old she is thairied pashend. what is the singtom of thairied? It is very dengoures ill? regurellare thake the madicin?

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 04 Jan 2009 )

Hi. I think it is thyroid probllem you meant. Do not worry thyroid problem does not make you seriously ill if you get treated early. It can be cured by taking medicines. Surgery may be required in some people. The symptoms drpend on whether she is suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. In adults, hypothyroidism is associated with the following symptoms: Early symptoms Poor muscle tone (muscle hypotonia) Fatigue Cold intolerance, increased sensitivity to cold Depression Muscle cramps and joint pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Goiter Thin, brittle fingernails Thin, brittle hair Paleness Decreased sweating Dry, itchy skin Weight gain and water retention Bradycardia (low heart rate less than sixty beats per minute) Constipation Late symptoms Slow speech and a hoarse, breaking voice deepening of the voice can also be noticed Dry puffy skin, especially on the face Thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows (sign of Hertoghe) Abnormal menstrual cycles Low basal body temperature Less common symptoms Impaired memory Impaired cognitive function (brain fog) and inattentiveness A slow heart rate with ECG changes including low voltage signals. Diminished cardiac output and decreased contractility. Reactive (or post-prandial) hypoglycemia Sluggish reflexes Hair loss Anemia caused by impaired haemoglobin synthesis (decreased EPO levels), impaired intestinal iron and folate absorption or B12 deficiency from pernicious anemia Difficulty swallowing Shortness of breath with a shallow and slow respiratory pattern. Increased need for sleep Irritability and mood instability Yellowing of the skin due to impaired conversion of beta-carotene to vitamin A Impaired renal function with decreased GFR. Elevated serum cholesterol Acute psychosis (myxedema madness) is a rare presentation of hypothyroidism Decreased libido due to impairment of testicular testosterone synthesis. Decreased sense of taste and smell (anosmia) Puffy face, hands and feet (late, less common symptoms) Gynecomastia in males Vitiligo In case of hyperthyroidism Major clinical signs include weight loss (often accompanied by an increased appetite), anxiety, intolerance to heat, hair loss, weakness, hyperactivity, irritability, apathy, depression, polyuria, polydipsia, delirium, tremor, pretibial myxedema, and sweating. Additionally, patients may present with a variety of symptoms such as palpitations and arrhythmias (notably atrial fibrillation), shortness of breath (dyspnea), loss of libido, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Long term untreated hyperthyroidism can lead to osteoporosis. In the elderly, these classical symptoms may not be present. Thank you

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