novelon,trapic MF,

novelon,trapic MF,

Question (Posted on :  27 Jul 2009 )

hi doctor i am 30yrs old. I have irregular periods and once it starts it does not stop. i had one d c done due to this. In the last 1 yr i had small cyst formed twice or thrice after which i was advised novelon, trapic mf etc, to stop bleeding and regularise periods. But now i got my lmp on may 28 , now on july 22 ad it hasnt stopped yet. I change 2 ultra pads daily.Please advise.

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 27 Jul 2009 )

Since how long you are suffering from this problem?Are you still using novelon and trapic MF.First go for hemoglobin levels.What about the present ultrasound scan report.Provide the above information.Consult a gynaecologist

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