im 21 years old and my height was 165cm and my weight was 60 kgs how can i reduce my weight.i am not getting sleep every day

Question (Posted on :  25 Dec 2008 )

im 21 years old and my height was 165cm and my weight was 60 kgs how can i reduce my weight.i am not getting sleep every day

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 25 Dec 2008 )

Your BMI is around 22.0 which is normal. The sleep disturbance needs more information - do you have difficulty in falling asleep or wake up in the middle ? How many hours of sleep do you get usually and Do you feel tired when you wake-up ?

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Sinusitis is a common condition caused by inflammation, swelling of paranasal sinuses. These paranasal sinuses are aerated cavities present in bones of face that are developed from nasal cavities and have communication with it.


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Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder which is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. Pause can last for a few seconds to minutes. It is a chronic condition which spoils the sleep during the night and makes tired. Apnea refers to a period of time during which breathing stops. General...More

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A kidney stone is the hard, crystalline, mineral material formed within the kidney or the urinary tract. One in every 20 people develops kidney stone at some point in their lifetime.


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