gestational diabetes

gestational diabetes

Question (Posted on :  04 Sep 2009 )

My wt was 77kgs.My parents had Hgh BP sugar and both died cos of heart disease. I went for OGTT also in first 3rd -4th weeks of pregnancy and sugar level went to 201(highest) in 1.5hrs. I am really worried whether it is cos of increase in sugar level as uncontrollabble drowsiness also comes in the same duration. It will effect whole body of mine and my kid also. Kindly suggest.

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 04 Sep 2009 )

hi i want to know if your pregnant presently? gestational diabetes has to be managed with care , your sugar levels have to be monitored with diabetic diet for pregnancy also , and you have to take insulin as dosage by doctor , do not worry , with supervision , pregnancy and delivery will be smooth

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