Best hypertension medication for diabetics

Best hypertension medication for diabetics

Question (Posted on :  15 Apr 2010 )

About 2 year ago, my diabetic problem was diagnosed accidentally without having shown and symptom or complications, and I was 39 by the time. The reading was 240/320. I took Semiglycigon 40 mg twice for three days and the sugar level came close to normal. Since then, I am taking it 1/2 tab in morning and one at night and largely the diabetic is under control. Now I come to the issue, I am now taking Aten 25 to treat my high blood pressure when it was about 100/160. It worked nicely and now BP is under control. Before to this, I had taken Telma 40 for a week, which raised my BP, then based on previous prescription of doctor well before 5 year, I switched on to Aten 25. It is reported that being a beta-blocker, Aten 25 may raise the problem of diabetic, is it so, if yes kindly substitute Aten 25, with any other suitable medicine for BP. Thanks.

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 16 Apr 2010 )

Dear Sir, instead of beta-blockers it is known that calcium antagonists and ACE inhibitors have better metabolic profiles and the latter reduce insulin resistance. However you have already used Telma (an ACE inhibitor) and found it be ineffective. It is possible that the dose was not appropriate - you should discuss with your doctor and see if you can modify the Telma dose and continue on that.

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