weight loss

weight loss

Question (Posted on :  15 May 2010 )

What is called sudden or unexplained weight loss.what are the causes and i need maily the symptoms of Sudden or unexplained weight loss. For exmaple how weight lost in one month is called sudden or unexplained weight loss

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 15 May 2010 )

Hi. The National Institutes of Health states that sudden weight loss is defined as losing more than five percent of your overall body weight in six to 12 months, without dieting or exercising. Unintentional weight loss, as NIH terms it, may result from depression, dental health issues that reduce one's ability to eat comfortably or from illnesses such as eating disorders, cancer, AIDS, hyperthyroidism, the use of certain drugs, digestive disorders or a loss of appetite. For example, sudden weight loss means that if you weigh 135 pounds and lose 35 pounds in only six months.

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