How the AIDS/HIV is transmitted? 1. Oral kissing?2. Oral sex?3. Hand shaking, could be due to small abrasions on skin etc?4. Protected sex(even with use of condom)? Pl. explain to get more awareness regarding this type of disease.

Question (Posted on :  22 Sep 2008 )

How the AIDS/HIV is transmitted? 1. Oral kissing?2. Oral sex?3. Hand shaking, could be due to small abrasions on skin etc?4. Protected sex(even with use of condom)? Pl. explain to get more awareness regarding this type of disease.

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 22 Sep 2008 )

HIV transmission modes can be transmitted into 3 categories : ? Established modes? Possible but uncommon modes of transmission? Impossible routes Established modes of transmission:1. Sexual contact - unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person2. Exposure to infected blood, blood products or transplanted organ or tissues 3. Exposure to contaminated blood as a result of transfusion of blood not screened for HIV.4. Use of contaminated syringe needle5. Traditional healing rituals like scarification6. IVDU (intravenous drug use)7. Vertical transmission ndash; from infected mother to child before, during or after birth Possible but uncommon routes 1. Needle stick injury2. Blood splashing in to broken skin3. Amniotic fluid splashing in to eyes4. Tattooing, acupuncture, sharing equipments and electrolysis5. Semen/ breast milk donations Not transmitted by 1. Socializing or casually living with people with HIV/AIDS2. Coughing or sneezing 3. Sharing cups, glasses, plates and eating utensils4. Casual contact such as sitting next to an infected person5. Shaking hands6. Touching or hugging or kissing a person with HIV/AIDS7. Mosquitoes and other insect bites8. Wearing clothes of infected persons9. Using telephones10. Using toilets used by people infected with HIV/AIDS11. Swimming in pools used by people with HIV/AIDS12. Donating blood Transmission of HIV in children 1. Vertical transmission ndash; from infected mother to child2. Through breast milk3. Through exposure to HIV contaminated blood or blood products especially in children with hemophilia or Thalassemia etc4. Through unsterilised needles / syringes Through premarital sex in adolescent age group5. Through skin piercing procedures ndash; ear and nose boring, tattooing, scarification, circumcision etc.6. Through sexual abuse 7. Through IV Drug Use 1. Oral kissing, oral sex, hands shaking with a small abrasion are least possible routes of infection and no one have ever been said to be infected with HIV by those routes. 2. Condoms are safe and should be used correctly.

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