Side effects of Risperidone

Side effects of Risperidone

Question (Posted on :  19 Jul 2009 )

My daughter is of about 24 years. She feels that none bother about to know her problems relating to develop her inherrent talent, but pressing to study and practice without any referance to her instant mood. She blames her father, mother and younger brother for causing a probable spoile to her carrier. She expresses all of her dissatisfections by outburst with vigorus anger and rebuke to all around her. It is continuing from her age of about 10 years. A Psychiatrist prescribed to take Sizodon md 0.5 before going to sleep at every night for 21 days at the 1st instance. But, she felt deep drowseeness on movement, chocked voice a little and steepness in muscles followed by taking the 1st tablet on 18.07.2009. The same are continuing after taking the 2nd one on 18.07.2009 also. Should she continue it?

Doctor's Response (Posted on : 19 Jul 2009 )

She has some psychiatric problems, does she behave depressed at some times and very angry at other times ? Sizodon (Risperidone) has a side effect of day time drowsiness and muscle stiffness. The dose that she is getting is 0.5 mg and it is lower than usual starting dose. You will have to inform the prescribing doctor about this side effects.

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