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Qactually i hav melasma on my nose .....nd i hav already used melacare forte , melalite forte and triglow as well......bt it does'nt make any diffrence ....so could you plz suggest me some good cream for melasma .....nd i don't waannna used cream which contains hydroquinone..... so dat's y i m asking is melaglow is good cream for melasma ???? nd how much effective it is for melasma ........(2011-10-07)
AMegaglow can be used for melasma and also using a sunscreen will help prevent hyperpigmentation.
Qi am asking about melaglow not megaglow........????? is melaglow is good cream for melasma .....???????? and how much effective is it....????(2011-10-10)
AMelaglow has ingredients that can lighten .. And although it is correct that I won't create significant lightening ... It can do so if you use in in combination with other creams that help lightening. Maybe you could try something internal while using melaglow such glutathione However, seeing a dermatologist is really the best way to access skin lightening potions with enough active ingredients to make a visible difference


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