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Qhow is nexito 5 related to digestion problem?(2011-09-18)
ANexito can cause some digestive problems.
Q3 yrs ago,When i was 15,at the end of a math test I felt a strong sudden pull of something near the pit of stomach due to anxiety due to the urge to answer a question in the last minute.From then on that part of the abdomen[part just below and around naval]feels abnormal,the symptoms have changed since then.First it was kind of cramps of abdomen,with sensation of fullness after taking food.vomiting is very rare,rarely I experience pain around naval during urination,no other significant symptoms. Ultrasound scan and Endoscopy has been done,but all proved I had a healthy abdomen and stomach. In the recent times I've been taking ginger and it helped me to stabilize the stomach.Now a doctor has prescribed me nexito 5 tab.how is nexito 5 related to digestion problem? What could have gone wrong with my abdomen?Where could the problem really be?Is CT scan necessary?(2011-09-18)
ANexito is a drug which is used to treat mental and psychological disturbances.Some people can manifest physical symptoms as a result of psychological disturbances.Just relax and try to stick to the medical regimen.


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