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QPatient ID - 774521 I am suffering from stomach ulcer. I started taking medicine from 1st May, 2018. The medicines are 1. Nexpro 40, 2. Lesuride 25 and 3. Nizonide 250. I took Nizonide 250 for 5 days twice daily. I continue to take other 2 medicines till now for last 2 months, twice daily before half hour of meal. I am now ok but having 2 side effects, i.e., sometimes constipations and my skins are becoming loose. Kindly advice me whether i can stop the medicine now! Thanking you(2018-07-18)
ADue to medicines you will have side effects like constipation,once your medication completes you will be alright.If you have unbearable side effects see your regular physician,he will do changes in dosage.

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