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Interferential Therapy Unit

• Interferential therapy is an low frequency alternating currents characterized by crossing of two electrical medium with independent frequencies which work together to effectively stimulate the large impulse fibers.

• The frequencies used in IFT will interface with the transmission of pain messages at spinal cord level and block the pain signals.

• IFT allows deeper penetration of the wave with more comfort and compliance increasing circulation.

Benefits: Gives pain relief, Increases circulation, Increases range of motion, Decreases edema, Activates motor nerve stimulation.

Indications: Pre and post operative orthopedic patients, Shoulder-hand pain syndromes, Muscle spasm, Edema, Chronic ligamentous lesions, Trigger spots in myofascial syndromes, Joint Injury Syndrome, Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Unilateral Lumbar Spasm, Trochanteric Bursitis, Ischial Bursitis etc.

Contraindications: Unreliable patients like small children and intellectually impaired adults, Recent radiotherapy, Infective conditions, Artificial pacemakers, Malignant tumors.

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