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Exercises During pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy give several benefits.
NOTE: Every pregnant woman should check with her doctor while starting exercise program as some may have a medical condition that would make exercise harmful to you or your baby. Don’t begin your exercise on your own.


     Eat healthy and nutritious diet. Complete eating 1 ½ hr before exercising.

     Drink water before and after exercising.

     Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes while exercising

     Don’t over work your exercise regimen. Stop exercise if you feel uncomfortable.

     Brisk walking, Jogging is a good exercise as it gives a total body work out. Swimming is also good and it helps you work many muscles avoiding injury, muscle strain and leg swelling. Stationary/Recumbent cycling is a good aerobic activity.

Calf stretch

Stand facing the wall resting forearms on it. Place your forehead on the forearms, keeping back straight bend one knee towards the wall. Other leg should be straight and feet flat.
Hamstring Lift

Kneel on your hands with flat back and squeeze abdominal muscles tightly (don’t let abdominals loose). Lift left leg up, foot flexed till comfort level shifting your weight to left arm.
Inner thigh lift

Lie on left side and cross the right leg over left placing right foot on floor in front of left knee. Then lift the left leg slowly till comfort level and then relax and repeat to other side.

Outer thigh lift

lie on left side and your body aligned. Slowly lift your right leg up till comfort level bending your left leg. Hold and relax and repeat to other side.
Chest exercise

Press your palms by clasping your hands at chest level against each other.
      - Plies
      - Sit back
      - Curl up
      - Knee raises
      - Trunk roll

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