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Prosthetics (Artificial limb)

Prosthetics are used to replace/substitute a missing/diseased part/limb to restore or provide function. They are manufactured by a prosthetist and fit on a custom basis made on to the patient.


Endoprosthetics: Implants used in orthopedic surgery to replace/fit the particular part/joint.

E.g. Austin Moore prosthesis.

Exoprosthesis: Here the structure is fitted externally as a replacement/substitute of the lost part of the limb.

E.g. Patellar tendon bearing prosthetic.

Types: Temporary, Permanent

Components of prosthetics

Plastic or resin laminated socket

Body of the prosthetic

Harness/suspension system

Control system (not relevant for lower limb prosthetic)

Terminal device

Some of the prosthetics


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