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Simon Oxley
I studied design in the UK at The Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design 1988 - 89, afterwhich I spent 15 yrs working within firms whose concentration was in multimedia and print promotion. I travelled to Japan in 1999, where I married a Japanese national and found employment in central Tokyo, Harajuku.

In 2002, after returning to the UK for a year, I became a freelance designer, producing imagery for companies worldwide - as well as contributing over 9000 photographic and illustrative images to the online stock image library, ‘iStockphoto.com’, he also designed their logo after befriending the then CEO and founder, Bruce Livingstone (now the CEO of Stocksy.com, which I contribute to).

One of my image uploads was used by popular social network, Twitter, my bird was used as a design motif for the service during the first few years which gave my work great promotional value. Twitter continue to use a broken robot image to indicate that the system is down.

In 2010, I met Hardy Kagimoto, whos company ‘Retina Institute Japan’ engaged me to design their logo.I met him in Fukuoka, where my wife and I were invited to dinner at a nice sushi restaurant and met Hardy and Doug Weber, Apple design engineer behind the iPad and iPod - his wife is from Fukuoka also. Hardy is a Fukuokan but now lives in Tokyo - he is famous for developing a blue dye which surgeons use to distinguish infected areas of tissue during retinal operations. His partner is a Nobel prize winner for the discovery of ISP cells, which are the core cells responsible for growing organs etc, reducing the likelihood of rejection.